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Marty B. StoneMarty B. Stone (a.k.a. Marty Korn) is a stone & natural wood artist in creative Woodstock, NY. He uses stone remnants as well as natural wood to create truly unique designs. His designs are also driven by his beliefs in ecological friendly production he therefore stresses green fabrication with a minimal employment of glues and synthetics when possible.

The Beauty is in the Break

In keeping with his ecological theme, the stones Marty utilizes are broken stone “rescued” from marble and granite companies, destined for land fill if not saved. Rather than cutting the breaks away, Marty developed the design concept of The Beauty is in the Break. The break is where interesting forms, designs and crystals emerge.

Marty’s creations range from the whimsical (a stone food line) to the practical in stone and wood tables. His designs are constantly evolving to incorporate novel techniques and designs. He loves working with stone in particular and has studied the scientific foundations as well as the artistic play of stone.

Other sites and projects by Marty include:

EcoAlliances www.ecoalliances.org – The mission of EcoAlliances is to develop cost-effective and novel solutions to today’s challenging global environmental problems and network ecological initiatives. Marty has studied environmental and systems science issues extensively. He developed numerous cost effective and innovative methods to deal with climate change for over 15 years.

Woodstock Dreams Media www.woodstockdreams.com – Woodstock Dreams Media is a full service media development and production company located in the delightfully creative village of Woodstock, NY. Woodstock Dreams offers a full suite of services including full video production and editing, website development, media marketing strategies & more at very competitive rates.

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